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What do the Ground Staffs have to do?

Updated: May 31

The Ground staff are an integral part of the aviation industry. They have the onus of taking care of the passengers before, during and after flight and ensuring everyone the best hospitality.

With this blog we will highlight the duties of Ground staff and point out the criteria to select this course.

Ground Staff Responsibilities: 

A. The ground personnel's primary role involves aiding passengers during check-in. They offer flight details, assist with reservations, conduct security checks, and facilitate the booking of air tickets, among other tasks.

B. The ground staff provides assistance to passengers with limited mobility and those traveling with children.

C. The ground staff also takes care of handling baggage, as well as the loading and unloading of luggage onto and from the aircraft. 

D. The ground staff guides passengers to the designated transportation area.

E. The ground staff helps passengers in case of lost baggage incidents.

To become a ground staff you must: 

-be of the age between 18 and 26

-obtain a passing score in the Class 12 board examination from a recognized educational board in any stream.

-have enthusiasm and physical fitness are essential as the role entails extended hours of standing and physical activity.

-possess outstanding customer service and problem-solving abilities.

They should exhibit politeness, friendliness, and composure, always being eager to assist and resolve customers' inquiries and issues.

Becoming a ground staff does not have any additional requirements, but individuals aspiring to enter this field can choose to pursue programs like the Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Management or other similar courses offered by reputable aviation colleges in Kolkata. These educational opportunities can pave the way for a successful career in the aviation industry.


After completing the Ground Staff Course from Aptech Aviation Hazra, you can explore various positions within the aviation industry. Some of the potential job roles include:

Customer Service Agent: Assisting passengers during check-in, addressing inquiries, and providing information about flights

Baggage Handler: Handling baggage, loading, and unloading luggage onto and from the aircraft.

Ramp Agent: Ensuring the safe movement of aircraft on the runway and coordinating with ground operations.

Flight Dispatcher: Coordinating flight schedules, weather updates, and ensuring safe flight operations.

Ticketing Agent: Assisting passengers with ticketing, bookings, and resolving ticket-related issues.

Secuirity Officer: Ensuring the security and safety of passengers, luggage, and the airport premises.

Airport Representative: Providing a welcoming and helpful presence to passengers, guiding them through the airport facilities.

Cabin Crew Member: For some airlines, ground staff members may have the opportunity to transition to cabin crew roles, responsible for in-flight services and passenger safety.

These positions offer diverse opportunities within the aviation industry and can serve as a stepping stone for career growth in this field.

If you aspire to excel in the aviation industry as a ground staff member and achieve a brilliant career, it's essential to be well-informed about the eligibility requirements and job responsibilities associated with this role. Understanding these crucial aspects will pave the way for your success as you soar high in your ground staff career. This is why at Aptech Aviation Hazra we provide career targeted training from expert and experienced faculty in an realistic infrastructure for best training experience.

Join Aptech Aviation Hazra today for a bright career ahead!


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